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Our company is Diving Services & Consulting Co, undertakes the in-water survey (in-water  inspection) of ships, having last technology equipment, which are handled by highly trained divers, certified by most The main object of this union regards both the level of ship safety, categorizing them into classes and the conservation of clean seas , the risk of pollution from these vessels. The contribution of the international union in maritime security in general, but also in the regulation through collective technical support, control–compliance, as well as research and development is very important

  • In-water Survey – Inspection
  • Underwater Survey of Marine Structures
  • Underwater CCTV Inspection
  • Underwater Hull Coating Inspection
  • Underwater Clearance Measurements
  • Drydock Extension Inspection
  • Underwater Ultrasonic Measurements
  • Consulting


Classification societies at particular intervals inspect and certify to the relevant authorities, how the ship complies with the conditions of the license and that it can sail safely in accordance with all international conventions. In order to be able to inspect the ships underwater parts, avoiding dry-dock, the classification societies have developed the underwater inspection (in-water class survey, UWILD). The underwater inspection (in-water class survey, UWILD) is performed by certified divers where with the help of video cameras and surface monitor provide monitoring to the surface.

In-water survey (in-water inspection) includes checking the hull paint, checking for damage to the hull of the ship after a possible collision, Underwater Thickness Measurements (ultrasonic) of the hull plates in case they need to be changed, inspection and repairs of the propeller, inspecting of sea chests, and inspection for cracks. Throughout the course of services of the in-water survey (in-water inspection), photos are taken and videotaping is carried out, in order to assess the overall condition of the hull or of the area which was inspected.


The in-water survey (in-water inspection) of a ship does not require removal of the vessel from the water (dry docking). This means a quick inspection and management of any problems and a much lower total cost, since dry-docking is very expensive and the ship does not go off  “service”.


Our divers take photos and videotapes the whole in-water survey (in-water  inspection) of a ship, so that the customer has a complete picture of the hull condition and if needed  to make the necessary repairs. Also enables two-way communication between the diver and the inspector or customer’s chief engineer and real time monitoring (CCTV). During the underwater inspection video recording and photos are taken, which are delivered to the client and the inspector on DVD or CD along with a detailed written report. During the underwater inspection clearance measurements are also taken of the rudder pintels and tail-end shaft wear down measurements.




The rich activity of the underwater (uw) ship repairs company Medmar is a glowing unique example of a speedy and healthy development in the maritime sector. Our Company has experienced and well trained diving staff in underwater repair and underwater maintenance of ship hulls. Moreover we provide a whole range of underwater services that ships require. The main objective of Medmar Diving Services & Consulting Co, is the continuous enhancement and development of money saving choices that it ensures its customers. Towards this direction, the most effective solution in saving money is the underwater hull cleaning. “Clean ship’s Hull means, reduction of fuel consumption, reduction of CO2 emissions, increase of ships speed.” “Fouled ship hulls increase the overall costcausing increased fuel consumption and the emission of gaseous pollutants. The engines are strained as well as the propulsion system, the ship slows down.  We provide high quality underwater hull cleaning services (uw hull cleaning) ensuring the customer a prolonged period away from ship’s  drydock, saving time and money.”


The underwater propeller polishing (multi-stage micro polishing of all surfaces) and the maintenance of the smooth surfaces, is vital in order to save energy and optimize the performance of the ship (improvement of vessel’s performance). The rough propeller leads to power loss, which can be up to 6% as well as an increase of fuel consumption. Medmar Diving Services & Consulting Co, provides high quality underwater cleaning  and underwater propeller polishing (uw propeller polishing), achieving immediate and effective reduction of fuel consumption and reduces the total cost of the ship. Propellers convert mechanical energy to the propeller shaft to thrust energy of the water. The propeller blades function as a spoiler. The development of thrust that they generate is a result of flow which is generated around the blade. As the propeller turns the blades generate a pressure difference in the water, pushing the ship forward or backwards, depending on the way that the propeller turns, as well as the pitch of the blades. There are fixed pitch propellers and variable pitch propellers. An important problem in shipping is the increase of roughness to the ships propeller, as the fuel consumption and the emission of gaseous pollutants in the environment is increased and significant losses are caused to the propulsion system.



Erosion is the biggest enemy of a ship. It is an unavoidable aspect of the life of the ship, due to the constant contact with water and the presence of moisture. Medmar Diving Services & Consulting Co undertakes underwater fitting anodes and underwater replacement anodes (u/w replacement anodes) in the submerged parts of the ship, rudder, propeller and hull. Our highly trained technical staff is our guarantee of the quality of the result.