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As a preferred ship supplier , Medmar is your one-stop solution for all your marine needs. From provisions to bonded goods to cabin, deck and engine stores…

Medmar offers a wide assortment of products for all of your ship stores. From fresh, frozen and dry provisions, to bonded, cabin, deck and engine stores, our extensive variety is guaranteed to meet every requirement. Since 1995, we have established a robust network of global partners, allowing us to consistently source for the best products at the most competitive prices. All our suppliers go through a rigorous selection process to ensure that we deliver only high quality goods that meet international safety standards.


Premium Selections, Cost Effective Prices.

We offer a wide variety of fresh, frozen, chilled and dry provisions including ethnic products to meet the needs of every crew. Our products are sourced locally and globally to ensure high-quality selections and the freshest product at cost-effective prices.


Everything You Need, In One Place.


We supply all types of products for your cabin and galley including cleaning materials, tableware, galley utensils, kitchen equipment, cloth & linen products and more. Our experience helps us provide consistently reliable service and quality goods at competitive prices.


Medmar can supply your vessel with a range of top quality cabin stores at competitive prices, the range includes:

  • Bed Accessories
    •  Laundry Accessories
    •  Towel & Table Linen
    •  Curtains
    •  Gloves
    •  Working Cloths
    •  Cutlery
    •  Plates & Cups
    •  Glass Tableware
    •  Stainless Steel Tableware
    •  Plastic Tableware
    •  Wooden Tableware
    •  Table Pots & Jars
  • •  Frying Pans & Cooking Pots
    •  Knives
    •  Baker & Pastry Utensils
    •  Squeezers and Mashers
    •  Foils & Roll Papers
    •  Cabin Cleaning Equipment

•  Rat Traps, Fly Swatters
•  Electrical Cooking Appliances
•  Home Electrical Applicances
•  Buckets & Garbage Bags

  • Laundray Machines
    •  Garbage Disposers
    •  Cleaning Products
    •  Cooking Machines
    •  Storage Cointainers
    •  Bar Utensils
    •  Measuring Scales
    •  Serving Utensils
    •  Napkin Papers
    •  Peelers & Scalers
    •  Butcher’s Gear
    •  Sharpening Stones
    •  Kitchen Utensils
    •  Office supplies
Safe & Secure

You benefit from our experience in delivering effective solutions to the complex global supply chains of some of the world’s biggest corporations.

Fast Delivery

You benefit from every innovation, whether it involves a simple extension to our Air and Ocean Freight products, whether it means a development in warehousing.

24/7 Support

All of which explains why you’ll find the team of outstanding support at TransCargo ready to apply their passion for solutions in support of your business.



•  Mercury lamps 
•  Reflection lamp lighting fixtures 
•  Cargo lights 
•  Boat deck lights 
•  Flood lighting fixtures 
•  Explosion proof lights 
•  Marine deck lights 
•  Marine water tight wall light 
•  All types of lams such as 
•  All types of Batteries 
•  Complete range of marine water tight Plugs+ Receptacles, 
•  Marine water tight rotary swithes 
•  Toggle swithes 
•  Push button swithes 
•  Lamp holders 
•  Cello light fuses 
•  Carbon brushes
•  Welding cables 
•  Rubber cab type cables 
•  P.V.C. cab type cables 
•  Armoured cables 
•  Cable glands 
•  Marine water tight junction boxes 
•  Bakelite rods & sheets 
•  Electric sleeve tubes 
•  Avo meters 
•  Digital multimeters 
•  Insulation testers

Deck store

Our company can meet all requirements relating to deck stores. These supplies include, for example,ropes,paints,hand tools. All equipment is packed in special boxes ensuring that they are transported with absolute safety from our storage area to the vessel.

  • Safety protective gear  •  Safety equipment •  Electric and air tools •  Hatch sealing tape  •  Grinding wheels & Abrasive papers •  Brushes and mats  •  Ropes and hawsers  •  Marine paint •  Painting Equipment •  Hose and couplings •  Lavatory equipment  •  Pilot’s ladders & gangway nets  •  Rad guards & Cargo nets •  Rags and cotton waste   •  Lashing equipment  •  Anchor

    •  Chains

    •  Pipe and fittings materials 

    •  Waterproof plywood

    •  Bridge equipment

    •  Cargo equipment

Engine Stores & Spare Parts



We supply original and genuine parts of high standards in quality and functionality:

Our technical department has excellent and renowned reputation in obtaining all your vessels requirements; our expertise and knowledge help the ship owners to obtain the correct items and spare parts at the most competitive price. 

•  Lubricants, Chemicals, Solvents & Cleaners

  • Dry Ice
    •  Hoses & Couplings
    •  Powered Tools & Equipment
    •  Hand Tools
    •  Cutting Tools
    •  Measuring Equipment
    •  Steel / Metalwork
    •  Fastenings
    •  Pipe & Tube Fittings
    •  Valves 
    •  Bearings
    •  Electrical Equipment
    •  Packing & Jointing
    •  Welding Equipment
    •  Bronze, Brass, Stainless Steel Materials
    •  Cargo Equipment
    •  Marine Paints & Paint Spraying Equipment
    •  Bridge Equipment (General)

Safety Equipement

Our company guarantees its expertise on the basis of approvals and certifications to give you quality products and services in accordance with the local and international regulations in force.


  • Life Rafts and Life Boats
  • Life Jackets/Lifebuoys
  • Lifeboat/Liferaft Accessories
  • IMO Symbols/Safety Signs
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Air Compressors
  • Gas Detectors
  • Safety Lights/Signal Lamps
  • Fire Hose/Fire Hose Couplings
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Chemical Suits
  • Gas Protection Suits
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Work Vests/Arm Bands
  • Smoke Detector Testers
  • Safety Masks/Respirators
  • Goggles/Ear Muffs/Helmets
  • Safety Belts
  • Safety Tapes



All types of stationery, nautical equipments; charts, publication, flags are available from our comprehensive warehouses.

•  Paper, pads & book
•  Office supplies
•  Office machines 
•  Ink & toner 
•  Chalks, pencil 
•  Pins, clips, gum bottles, etc
•  Staplers, tapes 
•  Technology 
•  Log books
•  File folders 
•  Filing & storage 
•  Recording papers
•  Charts & Publications 
•  Navigation Instruments 
•  Meteorological Instruments Equipments 
•  GPS,VHF,UHF Radios 
•  Bridge Equipments



Since modern ships are not staffed with an on-board physician, we are available at any time to provide you with what is needed whether a physician or simply medicines.
We understand the importance of clear product labeling but dissimilarity in medicine names is not a big deal. So in case we provide you with a substitute and equivalent drug we will translate the notice if not already translated.
We provide extensive range of supplies related with Ship Medicals including Ship Hospital Supply

•  Emergency Support (24h)
•  Disinfectants
•  Medical Gases
•  First Aid Kits
•  Disposables
•  Rescue Equipment
•  Pharmaceuticals
•  Medical Publications

Setting the standard in air freight. Our global network has the power to help businesses grow — based on years of experience and influenced by the changing needs of our customers. Our Road specialists will ensure operational excellence as well as cost-effective solutions.

TransCargo is the world’s fourth largest provider of ocean freight services. In 2013, TransCargo expedited nearly 1.5 million TEUs via ocean freight. The company’s relationship with customers is moving away from purely transactional business to value-added propositions.

TransCargo's worldwide network is well positioned and qualified to help your company develop efficient and tailor-made domestic and trans-border programs for distributing your goods. Our Road specialists will ensure operational excellence as well as cost-effective solutions that meet your needs in terms of transit time.

Our asset-light operating model allows us the ability to choose the correct qualified subcontractors based on diverse customer requirements with an emphasis on compliance, safety, security, professionalism and environmental leadership.

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